My name is Kenny Humpert. I was born and raised in Windthorst, Texas, a small German community that my great-grandfather helped settle. I started cooking several years ago for entertainers and events. Some of these entertainers included: Willie Nelson, Martina McBride, Deana Carter, Chris LeDoux, Merle Haggard, Gary Stewart, The Statler Brothers, The Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, David Allen Coe, Gene Watson, George Jones and many more. One of my best customers are the Tennessee Titans.I got started because I didn’t like the salty and MSG-laced seasonings which are presently in the market, so I decided to try to make my own. After many attempts, I came up with a tasty & healthy recipe. 

Of course I called it Kenny’s All-Purpose Seasonings. I package it in a container that is 95 percent biodegradable, so my seasoning is good for you and environmentally friendly.The feedback I get from consumers has been very positive, and it is so gratifying to hear how people use and love it. It’s amazing that I receive calls from all over the United States wanting to know where they can buy Kenny’s All-Purpose Seasonings.I have shipped cases to every state in the nation for many years, and I have just added a distributor in Canada. We have a large distributor in Arkansas, putting Kenny’s All-Purpose Seasonings in farm and ranch stores all across the Midwest and the Southern United States. 

In 2011, we started wholesaling to major supermarket chains including: H-E-B, Brookshire grocery stores, Save-A-Lot, Market Street and United Supermarkets and Affiliated Foods. I enjoy putting Kenny’s in family-owned meat markets and small town grocery stores. Rural America is near and dear to me.I will be adding three more flavors and a tasty BBQ sauce in the near future. This venture has been so amazing for me and my family. I love what is happening with my company, and we will be here for a long, long time.Kenny’s All-Purpose Season­ings presently provides two types of all-purpose season­ing, original and cajun, that adds spice and excitement to every meal. 

Cajun is a mild blend that works well on seafood, Mexican food, chili and boiled shellfish. Apply both flavors generously to meat, veggies, potatoes or rice for a special twist. Add extra zest to your barbecue and sauté sauces. Enhance the savory flavor of all types of oven-baked dishes. Give instant pizzazz to pasta and salads. Both seasonings use natural ingredients with no MSG, low sodium and are gluten free. Sprinkle liberally on steaks, chicken, burgers and fish before grilling.

Original and Cajun spices are each packed in 8 oz. and 15 oz. foil-lined, air-tight containers for a two-year shelf life. I wholesale cases, pails, bulk and pallets.